Frances Cooper


I am a Software Engineer at Google working on improving the search quality of Google’s internal search engine.

I completed my Computer Science PhD at the University of Glasgow in 2020, researching Matching Problems in the area of Algorithms and Complexity. My thesis is titled: Fair and Large Stable Matchings in the Stable Marriage and Student-Project Allocation Problems.

During my PhD, I interned with Amazon and Google, and founded the Glasgow Women in Computing Science group (GWiCS) group, which holds talks by leaders in academia and industry and provides a supportive network for new PhD students and early career researchers (160+ members). I also created the Uni-Match software to perform student-project allocations, used in 8 universities and organisations in the UK, Ireland, China and Singapore. For more information, please see PhD.

I am a Generation Google Scholar and a Software Sustainability institute Fellow.

My CV is available here.